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Brittney White was born on May 19, 1997 in Orlando, Florida. Ms White is a sexy Ebony model, a petite 5’1 and weighs 121 lbs. She also goes by the name of Brittany White.

Brittney White Measurements are 38D-28-35 and yes those are real!

You can Tweet or just follow Brittney White at her Twitter page Brittney White Twitter Page..

And her booking page is Brittney White Booking Page..

From the Brazzers Bio Brittney White Brazzers Bio..
Brittney White’s figure should be impossible. How any girl so tiny could have tits as round and as voluptuous as hers, with an ass that pops out like someone twice her size, is simply mind-boggling… in a good way of course! But as crazy as it may seem, this big-tittied spinner is all-natural, and she is always up to trouble! Even with that fat booty and her heaving breasts, Brittney keeps everything on her body tight and in tip-top shape, with regular trips to the gym and daily yoga sessions. As a former dancer, she’s also had time to train her body to support her massive assets and learn how to move them in a way that is positively irresistible. Fucking with a rhythmic ferocity that belies her age and experience, Brittney White has the look, the libido, and the moves to become one of the top (and most top-heavy) performers in the biz.

6 thoughts on “Welcome To My Brittney White Blog!”

  1. Quadric says:

    Me and my girlfreind want to know the FEE related with you to have a threesome with us

  2. Corey says:

    How can we meet up

  3. Derek says:

    I’m stationed in Orlando , FL right now, what’s your fee so my girl and I can have a good time with you

  4. Mic says:

    I’d like to book you for a motorcycle shoot. You’d have your own trailer to change and stay in. There are as many bikes as you’re willing to set on and. Next to. We love your look, you’re the most beautiful girl and we need your sex appeal to sell the bikes. Mopeds dirt bikes and motorcycles.

  5. will bride says:

    I am looking for wife material and extremely high sex drive. Please let me to have you for good and I take care the finance include many more.

  6. Glen J. says:


    Love your style, passion, and overall true zest for life! Whenever you are in Dallas hit me up. I’m a free spirited individual that njoys life very much and definitely appreciate fine company. Holla back and we can see where the chemistry can take us??

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